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A Thankful November/Um Novembro de Gratidão

November is a month for giving thanks here in the United States and we at the ministry had much to be thankful for last month. We are in awe at how the Lord continues to multiply His work and extend the reach of His word. A couple of days ago we received an unexpected email about the possibility of our… Read more →

News & updates/Notícias & novidades

We have an exciting update on the ministry in São Tomé e Príncipe. On our previous post, we mentioned that they were having trouble downloading the Character First messages due to not having internet service and needing to rely on other servers to download the programs. Well, with a recent donation from one of our readers, and additional funds being… Read more →

Provision for the Vision/Provisão para a Visão

We have a wonderful update on our new partnership with the station in São Tomé and Príncipe. As we mentioned on a previous post, the station asked us to help cover one third of the airtime costs for the Character First programs. We did not have the funds but promised to send them as soon as the Lord provided. Well,… Read more →

A new Partnership/Uma nova Parceria

As we mentioned on a previous post, back in August of last year, we were presented with the possibility of the Character First programs being aired on the island of São Tomé and Príncipe. The president of the Evangelical Alliance in São Tomé had initiated the proposal and although I had discussed the matter with him, the details and final… Read more →

The Word on demand/A Palavra sob demanda

The station that airs our programs in the city of Huambo in Angola, recently informed us that the Yeva Ondaka program, which was being aired once a week, is now being aired daily. They also sent us feedback that they received from listeners; and asked if I (Isac) could send additional programs. The current crisis that the world is facing… Read more →

Crisis, Foresight and Provision/Crise, Previsão e Providência

It’s hard to believe the unprecedented crisis that our world is facing right now. Yet despite our surprise and all the confusion, God knew that we would pass through these turbulent times; and that He would ultimately use this for His glory. We at the ministry have seen the Lord’s foresight, provision, and the furtherance of His gospel during this… Read more →

Training for the Future/Treinamento para o Futuro

Although Helena and I are committed to continuing the work of the ministry for as long as the Lord enables us, we’re also conscience of the future and the day that we will have to pass the baton to the next generation. So, when one of the main ministries that we partner with in Angola told us that they were… Read more →

An Unexpected Opportunity/Uma Oportunidade Inesperada

I had an interesting conversation this week that could lead to new opportunities for the ministry. There is a friend of mine who is a pastor in Angola, who uses his cell phone to record some of my programs when they air, and then sends them to 100 people in various countries. One of these people is the president of… Read more →