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An Unexpected Opportunity/Uma Oportunidade Inesperada

I had an interesting conversation this week that could lead to new opportunities for the ministry. There is a friend of mine who is a pastor in Angola, who uses his cell phone to record some of my programs when they air, and then sends them to 100 people in various countries. One of these people is the president of… Read more →

A busy March/Março, um mês atarefado

March has been a busy month for us at the ministry. I received a request from some leaders in Angola to record a series of messages to address an unfortunate situation currently playing out in the country. Recently, the government shut down some churches after a discovery of abuse and manipulation by some false religious leaders. Unfortunately, in the government’s… Read more →

On the Road Again/Novamente De Viagem

Our annual trip to Angola is fast approaching and we’ve been busy preparing for it. It’s always a joy for us to have this opportunity to travel and do follow-up work for the ministry. Although the trip itself is long and often demanding, the rewards are priceless, and we always return encouraged; often feeling like we were ministered to more… Read more →

Planning for the Future/Planejando para o Futuro

This week, I’ve been busy working my way through my archive of over three hundred messages. Since the time Helena and I set up our small studio, many who learned about our ministry raised the question about its future, once we are no longer able to produce new programs. Different suggestions have been given, including training others to record and… Read more →

We’re Back/Estamos de Volta

We are back after a very productive time in Portugal. We had the opportunity to meet with the management team at the radio station that airs our programs and we received a lot of encouraging feedback. It’s been a little over a year since the Character First program began airing in Portugal and the station director is pleased with the… Read more →