Category: Letters from listeners/ Cartas dos ouvintes

Letters from listeners 15/Cartas dos ouvintes 15

“Peace brothers in Christ and good afternoon. I’m from the Urbanization district. I love listening to this program. The lessons from the preaching of the Word of God by Pastor Isac Silvano are changing my life and have positively strengthened my faith in Christ. I ask for prayers for my daughter Anna, who is 5 years old but does not… Read more →

The Word on demand/A Palavra sob demanda

The station that airs our programs in the city of Huambo in Angola, recently informed us that the Yeva Ondaka program, which was being aired once a week, is now being aired daily. They also sent us feedback that they received from listeners; and asked if I (Isac) could send additional programs. The current crisis that the world is facing… Read more →

Letters from listeners 14/Cartas dos ouvintes 14

“I have been your listener since January of 2012. It was during that time that I heard the message by Pastor Isac Silvano based on Romans 10:1-13, which challenged me to repent of my sins and call on the name of Jesus Christ for salvation. I cried out and a miracle happened in my life! Jesus saved me! I now… Read more →

Letters from listeners 13/Cartas dos ouvintes 13

“I hope that every worker of this radio station has good health and peace. I am a regular listener of the Character First messages preached by Pastor Isac Silvano. I like these messages a lot and would like to have some on CD to give to my work colleagues who don’t go to church, and don’t want anything to do… Read more →

Letters from listeners 12/Cartas dos ouvintes 12

“Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. I am a pastor in the province of Bie. The members of my church and I really like listening to the Yeva Ondaka program. The true teachings of the Bible in our language, reach many people through the radio. We are all given a better understanding of the passages in the Bible; which… Read more →

Scribe for a Week/Escriba por uma Semana

Last December, I had the honor of participating in the 41st anniversary celebration of the Yeva Ondaka program in Angola. Many listeners who were saved through the program shared their testimonies during the celebration, and with their permission, we were able to record and document their stories. This week, I’ve been working on transcribing the different testimonies that were recorded.… Read more →