Category: Excerpts from programs/ Trechos dos programas

Humility helps/A Humildade ajuda

Below is an excerpt from one of the programs I recently recorded.   Isac  Two of Jesus’ disciples, James and John, who were blood brothers, knowing that Jesus would be glorified and would be seated at the right hand of God the Father, asked Him something unusual: “Let one of us sit at your right and the other at your left… Read more →

Jesus and the firing squad/Fuzilamento de Jesus

Below is an excerpt from a program I’ve just finished that will air during Easter.   Isac On April 23rd 1952, Canadian journalist Pierre Van Paassen interviewed Marshal Liautery, the French proconsul in Morocco, about what he would have done to Jesus on His judgment day. The question was as follows: “If Your Excellency were in the place of Pilate, who was… Read more →

Money, blessing or curse/Dinheiro benção ou maldição

Below is an excerpt from a program that was recently aired in Brazil.   Isac “Those who trust in their riches will fall,” Proverbs 11:28. This is a wise warning from God, because money cannot buy the things that are most precious and vital for the life of a human being: *It cannot buy peaceful sleep that restores, although it can buy a good… Read more →

The largest tree in the world/ A maior árvore do mundo

Below is an excerpt from one of the programs I recently recorded.   Isac The Largest Tree in the World The largest tree in the world is the Sequoia. The Sequoia is a tree that distinguishes itself among others by its large frame. Found in areas of high rainfall and cool temperatures, the Sequoia is 285 feet tall, 56 feet in diameter and has… Read more →

How Long?/ Até quando?

Below is an excerpt from one of the programs I recently recorded.   Helena How long? This is the question we ask when we are submerged in tribulations that seem to have no end. The issue here is who are you asking? It’s important to ask someone who is capable of answering you, either wise it will be like walking around in circles… Read more →

Coming Attractions/ Vindo por ai

We thought it might be interesting from time to time, to post excerpts from messages of programs I’m working on. We decided to call these posts “Coming Attractions”. Please find below my first one.    Isac Napoleon Bonaparte: At Waterloo, in Belgium, there is a statue of a large bronze lion with its mouth open, infused with metals from cannons that the British… Read more →